There are many ways to get involved at Calvary Community. See this list below to find where you can best serve! Contact the ministry leaders for more information, or stop by the Info Desk on Sunday.

Small Groups (Contact Clay Himmelberger)

Small Group Leader

Facilitate small group meetings to help the Church body grow in the Lord through fellowship, prayer and bible study. Sunday mornings are a glimpse of our life together as fellow believers, whereas small groups help us dig into topics, grow friendships and serve together.
Weekly, on meeting nights Plus planning

Nursery Team (Contact Lori Cabot)

Cares for members of our church family age birth through 3 years of age. Your care allows parents to focus on worship while knowing their children are forming positive first feelings toward church. These team members have the opportunity to bless parents and children while receiving blessings!
Sundays, as scheduled

Kid’s Connection Team (Contact Chelsea Stankevich)

Small Group Leader

Connect relationally each week with an assigned group of 8 to 10 children and their parents to lead the children to Christ, help them grow spiritually and connect them with our church.
Weekly, Sundays Plus planning

Assistant Small Group Leader
Assist the small group leader in connecting relationally each week with an assigned group of 8 to 10 children and their parents to lead the children to Christ, help them group spiritually and connect them with our church.
Weekly, Sundays

Serving as the front line in welcoming the children and their parents, this person also helps register the children with name badges and helps orientate new guests.
Monthly, Sundays

Youth Group Team (Contact Jess Himmelberger)

Small Group Leaders
Connect relationally each week with a group of 8-15 students. Small group leaders seek to contact and pray for their students regularly, creating a community of trust and encouraging each student’s individual spiritual growth.
Weekly, on meeting nights Plus planning

Mentors form one-on-one relationships between student and an active member of our church. Mentors pray and contact their student on a regular basis, and help each student on their individual spiritual and personal growth. Mentors are yet another way we aim to surround each student with a purposeful and positive relationships.
Weekly communication with mentee, Monthly or bi-weekly special meetups (book discussion, park, breakfast)

Gathering Coordinator
Plan an event for the first Sunday of every month for all students grade 6- 12th. These events are sometimes fun outreach events, community service opportunities or nights of praise and worship.
Once monthly present, Sunday evenings Plus planning.

Food Planner
Helps with planning, purchasing and preparing food for the teens monthly and special events. Meals create a wonderful opportunity for good conversations, so this behind the scenes ministry adds great value to the teens and helps their leaders focus on them rather than logistics.
Planning and cooking as required, about 12 times per year (20 meals for 15-20 people)

Special Events Coordinator
Plan two overnight special events for the teens, usually one in the fall and one in the spring. These events provide extensive time for small group leaders to connect with the teens, have fun with them and intentionally recharge the teens walk with Christ.
Twice yearly, full weekend for those events

Hospitality Team (Contact Beth Morgan)

Coffee Bar

You have the opportunity to be a friendly face to newcomers and members, by serving them snacks and coffee once a month. You play a significant role in creating a welcoming environment where people can catch up with old friends or meet newcomers.

Monthly, Sundays

Coffee Mingle
This behind the scenes ministry allows you to bake or bring purchased items to be served at the coffee bar once every 6 weeks. Your prep work at home helps others mingle and have a remarkable experience at church.
Monthly, Sundays

Sunday Morning Team (Contact Diane Sawyer)


Greeters are the smiling, welcoming, assisting first faces that newcomers see on Sunday mornings. Need to be outgoing and good with people. Monthly, Sundays

Ushers are responsible for assisting congregants as they enter the Worship Center, collecting the Tithes and Offerings in each of the Worship Celebrations, and serving communion on the designated Sundays. Ushers hand out bulletins and are on the lookout for any who might need assistance.
Bi-Weekly, Sundays

Sound/Lights Booth
Regulates the lights and monitors the sound for all vocals, instrumentalists, and speakers so as to not create an unnecessary distraction and to highlight the message.
Monthly, Sundays

Provide computer driven visuals for what is being presented in songs, announcements and sermon highlights during the worship celebration, thus engaging and involving everyone in worship.
Monthly, Sundays

Worship Team (instrument or singer)
Worship team members are worshippers of God who assist the congregation in their worship in the Sunday Worship Celebrations by utilizing God-given musical abilities in providing accompaniment and leadership to songs of worship. In order to most effectively accomplish the objective, we rehearse 1 1/2 hours once a month and for one hour prior to the Worship Celebration each Sunday.
Weekly, Sundays